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Share survey research costs and collect high-quality data

Individualized research on an affordable budget! The Waterloo Region Matters survey is a unique opportunity for researchers, agencies and organizations with limited budgets to field their own survey questions while sharing the cost of conducting the survey research. The Survey Research Centre conducts the Waterloo Region Matters survey on an annual basis.

The next wave will start in 2023.

To be notified by email about the upcoming 2023 wave, please click here.


  • Collect survey research data from a regional random sample that is representative of the population
  • Participate at a fraction of the cost of an independent telephone and web study
  • Utilize your questions to test research concepts such as:
    • gauging public opinions on specific issues
    • measuring awareness and usage of services or products
    • refining survey questions for other research
  • Use the expertise at the Survey Research Centre to:
    • ensure survey questions are structured to reduce bias
    • collect the highest-quality data
    • maximize response rate

Key Details:

Study population: Adult residents within Waterloo Region, including Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge and the four townships.

Sample size: ~500 completed surveys. Survey weights will be computed to make the sample representative of the study population.

Methodology: Random-digit dialed (RDD) telephone (using both landline and cell phone telephone numbers) and web surveys. RDD sampling of households within the Waterloo Region population and random selection within the household are used in initial recruitment by the Survey Research Centre. This approach more accurately represents the Waterloo Region compared to non-probability sampling methods, such as recruiting members from web panel firms or visitors to an organization website. The sample used for the web component of the Waterloo Region Matters survey was originally recruited using RDD. Having a random selection of respondents and data that are representative of the population are important aspects of data relevance and utility.

Cost per question: TBD (a minimum commitment of 5 questions). 

  • Includes data from standard survey demographic questions such as age, gender, employment status and household income.
  • Includes a codebook, data file in SPSS or Excel/CSV format, frequency tables that provide the detailed distribution of the survey responses and technical report summarizing the conduct of the survey. Data analysis or reporting of survey results is not included but can be added for an additional fee. 
  • The SRC handles the application and submission process for the UWaterloo ethics review

If you would like to be added to our distribution list about future Waterloo Region Matters surveys, please click here. For more information about the Waterloo Region Matters survey or the Waterloo Region Matters web survey panel, please email Tony Ly or call 519 888-4567 ext. 35071.

Can't wait until the next Waterloo Region Matters survey?

Consider using the Waterloo Region Matters web survey panel. The Survey Research Centre maintains a small probability-based web survey panel that is fielded in conjunction with the Waterloo Region Matters survey. For more immediate projects that do not require large sample sizes of Waterloo Region residents (e.g. n=300 respondents or fewer), a web survey can be fielded at any time.

Applying for a research grant?

Learn about a new, no-cost Office of Research partnership to help UWaterloo researchers with grant applications.

The next wave of data collection:  2023 TBD

Deadline to express interest:  January 23, 2023 

Data collection: TBD 2023

Data file ready: TBD 2023

Space is limited and is allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

The timing of the survey is tentative and based on sufficient partner interest.

Having the University of Waterloo (Survey Research Centre) conduct the survey provides significant benefit (that is, credibility of the survey) to our Region.”- 2019 Waterloo Region Matters Survey respondent

green bins on a curb

Please read our recent case study using Waterloo Region Matters survey data about Green Bin usage Did you "Green Bin that"?.

Partnership with Institutional Analysis & Planning

The Survey Research Centre has partnered with Institutional Analysis & Planning (IAP) to develop and administer several campus-wide surveys to students, alumni, faculty, and staff.

The Student Experience Survey, the first survey administered through this partnership, aims to understand students' perceptions of their academic and non-academic learning environments and their experience at the University of Waterloo. These topics are explored through questions engaging students in subject matter about their general well-being, perceived efficacy of various instructional modalities and learning supports, and opinions on various strategic initiatives.

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