Objective E1:

By 2020, Waterloo broadly distributes timely and audience-relevant information about sustainability initiatives and opportunities within the campus community

Progress: Mostly complete

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Description: Waterloo continues to expand its communication on sustainability initiatives. These have shown year-over-year increases in engagement and participation. However, they still represent a minority of campus community members.


Objective E2:

By 2020, additional programming is developed for incoming students during orientation and in residences to encourage sustainable living on campus


Progress: Mostly complete

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Description: Increased effort has been made to link with orientation activities, and through Housing and the Green Residence Ambassador Program to reach first-year students.



Objective E3:

By 2018, establish a sustainability leaders program in partnership with students from residences, clubs and societies, student government, and for students in off-campus housing

Progress: Complete

A full pie chart, illustrating the objective has been completed

Description: Student leaders continue to engage in campus efforts, through the Sustainability Network and the emerging Impact Alliance of sustainability-related clubs and services.

Objective E4:

By 2025, increase from 5% to 25% the proportion of university departments that are Green Office certified

Progress: Somewhat complete

A pie chart one-half full, illustrating that the objective is somewhat complete

Description: Interest and activity within the Green Office program continues to grow, with new departments joining, and many departments increasing action and progressing through the Scorecard to higher levels.

Objective E5:

By 2020, Waterloo is recognized as a sustainability leader in Waterloo Region

Progress: Mostly complete

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Description: Waterloo is actively immersed in local sustainability partnerships, networks, events, and collaborations. New collaborations are strengthening this position, and the University has been recognized with three community awards over the past 4 years.