Objective O13:

By 2020, evaluate life cycle cost and require sustainability disclosure from suppliers for all purchasing decisions over $100,000

Progress: Somewhat complete
A pie chart one-half full, illustrating that the objective is somewhat complete

Description: While some progress has been initiated, further efforts will be needed to achieve the stated objective by 2020 and ensure that processes and guidelines are adjusted accordingly.


Objective O14:

By 2018, establish baseline data and targets to improve the percent of campus-wide purchases that meet third-party standards for paper, electronic equipment, and cleaning supplies

Progress: Mostly complete
A pie chart three-quarters full, illustrating that the objective is mostly complete

Description: Baselines are established for the three defined purchasing categories. Waterloo aims for 92% of all cleaning and janitorial supplies to bear an environmental certification by 2025.

No targets have been set yet for paper purchases or electronics.