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Undergraduate options

Degree customizations enable interdisciplinary approaches and collaboration.  Options normally start in second year and will have a specific set of requirements. Customizations related to sustainability include:


Business Option

This option enables students studying in an environment-related field to add a business option to their degree.  Offered jointly with Wilfrid Laurier University, students will take accounting, and business courses to supplement their major.  Available to undergraduate Environment students with the exception of Environment and Business.  More information on Business option...

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Environmental Engineering option

This Option is for students who wish to pursue their education with an emphasis on environmental concerns, assessment of the environmental impact of new or existing products or processes, methods for solving problems resulting from pollution in the air, in the water, or in the earth, and on the management of energy and resources in order to minimize pollution in the environment. Available to Engineering students, except those in the Environmental Engineering program. More information on Environmental engineering...

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Geomatics option

Geomatics is the science and technology of gathering, analysing, and interpreting geographic information. It includes geographic information systems (GIS), remote sensing, surveying and mapping, and global positioning system (GPS). First used to manage natural resources and land development, geomatics is becoming common in marketing, finance, health care, environmental protection and management, and transportation planning. Available to undergraduate students in the Science and Aviation Plans in the Faculty of Science. More information on Geomatics...

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Global Experience Certificate

Essentially, we live in a borderless world, and it is imperative to understand and have an awareness of other cultures and perspectives and to develop a strong intercultural viewpoint.  The Globale Experience Certificate is coordinated by Waterloo International and has a mix of course-based work, at least 6 weeks of international experience, and volunteer experience.  Available through Waterloo International for all UWaterloo students. More information on Global Experience Certificate...

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International Development option

Sustainability challenges bridge the local and global levels.  The International Development option adds specific training on development in a global context, and includes a field placement on community development issues locally or abroad. Available to any Environment undergraduate student, except those in the International Development Honours plan. More information on International Development option...

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Life Sciences option

Biological systems play a key role in the design and use of many engineering applications.  The Faculty of Science provides the Life Sciences Option for Engineering students to gain an interdisciplinary understanding.  More information on the Life Sciences Option...

Parks option

Many of our local, provincial, and national parks are facing increasing pressure from urban areas and from overuse. The Parks Option, in which you'll learn about many of the challenges facing parks systems across Canada, is ideal if you are interested in careers with agencies such as Parks Canada, provincial parks, or conservation authorities. Available to undergraduate students in the Faculty of Environmental Studies and the Department of Recreation and Leisure Studies. More information on Parks...

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Physical Sciences option

The cities, systems, and technologies we engineer all have foundations in the physical science of the world around us.  This option is provided by the Faculty of Science for Engineering students to facilitate an interdisciplinary understanding engineering applications.  Available to undergraduate students in the Faculty of Engineering, except for Geological Engineering.  More information on Physical Sciences option...

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Tourism option

As one of the world's largest industries, tourism also has the potential for tremendous environmental, social, economic, and political impacts. This option will give you an understanding of tourism and the issues surrounding this dynamic field. Available to any University of Waterloo undergraduate student. More information on Tourism...

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Water Resources option

This option is for students interested in the development, management and protection of water resources. You'll acquire the background to design and evaluate hydraulic structures, pollution control schemes, and water management systems. They are also exposed to the social and environmental aspects of use of water resources. Graduates often work for careers with consulting firms or regulatory agencies. Available to undergraduate students in the Faculty of Engineering. More information on Water resources...

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