January 2015

Pitches, Eco-Hacks, and More: ECOLOO 2015

Students joining Ecoloo event

On October 28th Sustainable Campus Initiative (SCI) hosted our third annual environmental fair, ECOLOO! ECOLOO is an event where groups, organizations, and businesses from the KW community as well as from on campus come to showcase what their all about and how students on campus can get involved. This year, SCI had nine vendors attend from both on campus groups and community-based organizations.

Shifting Gears: Cycling is changing

Commuting to campus on my bike is unglamorous common sense. Parking is free, and it turns the road rage of rush hour driving into joy. Cycling also makes me feel fast and powerful – not everyday feelings for many women.  With all of these benefits, it's certainly worth a try!

Powering Great Spaces

When we think about the University of Waterloo campus, there’s probably a first image that comes to mind.  Maybe it’s the Student Life Centre, with its bustling vendors and savoury smells, the lecture hall you visit every morning, or the residence you return to each night.  With over seventy buildings on campus, there’s no shortage of memorable locations.  Regardless of what space you chose, they probably require heating, cooling, and power.

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