Nature-Based Solutions for Climate Change Resiliency

Nature-based solutions

What are Nature-Based Solutions (NBS)? 

Nature Based Solutions (NBS) is a means of conservation, managing, and restoring interventions that are intentionally planned to produce positive climate adaptation and mitigation benefits (Nature-based solutions for climate change. WWF, n.d.). NBS for climate change resiliency, harnesses the power of nature to decrease greenhouse gas emissions and tackle climate change.  

What are Eco Bricks?

Eco bricks

Having grown up in a developing country, I have been a witness to various socio-ecological issues. One of them being waste management.  

As I grew up and gained knowledge about climate change and environmental degradation, I realized that leadership at the organizational and governmental level was essential if household efforts like waste segregation are to make a difference. I remember my family segregating their waste, but it proved to be irrelevant since the waste collectors would put it all in one pile.  

Climate action conversation with four changemakers

An image with a picture of young people behind the text that says "Eco Summit 2021: Youth leading the Way for Climate Action".

The University of Waterloo’s Sustainability Office held its eighth annual Eco Summit with the theme: “Youth Leading the Way for Climate Action”.

Sustainable Gifting

crocheted bags, ornaments and hat

The holiday season is a time when gifts are exchanged by many people. However, with this tradition comes a lot of waste! Shipping gifts, wrapping paper waste, packaging, and even those undesired gifts that we all inevitably get use resources, create emissions, and accumulate in landfills.

One way to reduce the environmental impact of exchanging gifts is to give memorable experiences instead of physical objects. Ideas include:

How to bike safely in your community

Two individuals cycling on the road

As we all know, cycling is one of the sustainable modes of transportation to reach from Point A to Point B. When you bike, you are reducing emissions and helping improve the quality of air we all breathe. It is also a great way to get your body moving and your mind healthy.

Sustainability Theme of the Month: Sustainable Holidays

Holiday decorations

Hello, Warriors! This month, as the holidays are around the corner, we shift our focus on sustainable holidays. Being sustainable doesn't mean we should take away the fun out of the holidays. It just means there are some things we need to be careful about so that our planet won't suffer from the weight of impacts we produce.

What we mean by sustainable holidays

Repurposing Common Household Objects

jars, hanging shirts and folded newspaper

October is Waste Reduction month! It is a great time to think about how we can reduce our carbon footprint and work toward achieving SDG #12: Responsible Consumption & Production. Repurposing also contributes to SDG #13: Climate Action by diverting waste and reducing the amount of greenhouse gas emissions produced by landfills.


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