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Sustainability Theme of the Month: Sustainable Holidays

Holiday decorations

Hello, Warriors! This month, as the holidays are around the corner, we shift our focus on sustainable holidays. Being sustainable doesn't mean we should take away the fun out of the holidays. It just means there are some things we need to be careful about so that our planet won't suffer from the weight of impacts we produce.

What we mean by sustainable holidays

Repurposing Common Household Objects

jars, hanging shirts and folded newspaper

October is Waste Reduction month! It is a great time to think about how we can reduce our carbon footprint and work toward achieving SDG #12: Responsible Consumption & Production. Repurposing also contributes to SDG #13: Climate Action by diverting waste and reducing the amount of greenhouse gas emissions produced by landfills.

WAT's Sustainable Episode 11: WAT is Zero Waste (Week)? with Ariana Lim and Eurus Pan

WAT is Zero Waste (Week) cover

WAT's Sustainable, Waterloo? Welcome to the official Sustainability's Office's official podcast: WAT's Sustainable? 

On Episode 11: WAT’s Zero Waste Week, we chatted with Ariana and Eurus, co-leaders of @uwcampuscompost, to talk about zero waste, why zero waste is important to the student group, and how they’re promoting waste reduction on campus. We also shared tips and information on how you can reduce waste as an individual and how you can get involved with them. 

To learn more about the student group:

Give thanks and a scare—not waste!

Pumpkins and other produce goods

Excitement grows as we approach Halloween and Thanksgiving. As fun as they can be, these holiday traditions often tend to be wasteful, and so the way we celebrate has to change for the health and safety of our planet. We often get caught up in the moment where we forget how our actions can impact the environment. 

Sustainability Theme of the Month: September is for Climate Change

SDG 13 logo: climate change

Welcome back, Warriors! And welcome home to all of our new staff or students. The focus for September at the Sustainability Office is climate change, because we believe it is one of the most important topics to educate all of our new (and returning) community members on!

What is climate change?

WAT's Sustainable Episode 10: WAT is repair culture? with Murray Zink

WAT's Sustainable, Waterloo? Welcome to the official Sustainability's Office's official podcast: WAT's Sustainable?

On episode 10, we chat with Murray Zink, a staff member at the University and founder of 4RepairKW, a community-based organization composed of volunteers passionate about repairing items and educating the public on how to be more responsible and skilful consumers. This conversation dives into the concept of repair and why fostering a repair culture in the community is important for sustainability.

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Sustainability Theme of the Month: August is for Sustainable Procurement

Grocery cart leading down a shopping aisle

In a world where things are starting to look closer to “normalcy,” the back-to-school shopping season is upon us again. From stationary supplies, to dorm room decorations, to clothing, to apartment furnishings and more, many of us will be making purchases for school this month, whether we are students, staff, or have family going back to school. What better time to incorporate sustainability considerations into your shopping behaviours? 

What is sustainable procurement?

WAT's Sustainable Episode 09: WAT is water conservation? with Brendan Schaefer

WAT's Sustainable Logo Episode 09

WAT's Sustainable, Waterloo? Welcome to the official Sustainability's Office's official podcast: WAT's Sustainable?

On episode 09, we hear from Brendan Schaefer from Reep Green Solutions. Join Jenna and Andrea Bale, the Sustainability Engagement Coordinator at the Sustainability Office, as they discuss sustainable transportation. The conversation explores why water conservation is important both globally and within Waterloo Region, opportunities to conserve water in affordable, low-maintenance ways at home and more.

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WAT's Sustainable Episode 08: WAT is an auto city?

WAT's Sustainable Logo Episode 08

WAT's Sustainable, Waterloo? Welcome to the official Sustainability's Office's official podcast: WAT's Sustainable?

On episode 08, we learn about auto cities, including their history in relation to the boom in the automotive industry, how auto cities impact the environment as well as our health and wellbeing, and ways we can promote more sustainable travel within our auto-focused communities.

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