Sustainability Network

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The Sustainability Network is made up of a collaborative group of students from clubs, societies, and student government who are taking action and initiative to make the University more sustainable. The network is a forum for these student leaders to:

  • Share information and help promote each others' events and initiatives
  • Collaborate on joint events and projects
  • Share best practices on student engagement related to sustainability

The Sustainability Office is involved to help convene the network and help with transitions between coordinators and executives at the end of each term. Each participating group remains fully independent and conducts its own operations and programming.


Members of the network are already taking on projects and programs. The vision for the network is ensuring that students work collaboratively on these projects and help make involvement and interest in sustainability widespread on campus.

Reducing the collective ecological footprint of the campus requires participation from every student and employee, and this network will be important to expand the reach and impact of actions.

Meet the Network

The following groups are officially participating in the Sustainability Network (in alphabetical order):