Sustainability Projects Coordinator

Jenna PhillipsJenna Phillips supports the planning and implementation of virtual events, programs, and research projects related to sustainability on campus. She is responsible for supporting student engagement initiatives such as Green Residence, the Sustainability Office Newsletter, and helps manage the Sustainability Office's social media channels. Jenna is currently a fourth-year student at the University of Waterloo enrolled in the School of Environment, Resources and Sustainability with a minor in Geography and Environmental Management. In her previous co-op positions, Jenna worked as a Field Biologist at Natural Resource Solutions and as a Waste Programs Assistant for the City of Guelph; this is her second term working as a Co-op at the Sustainability Office.

Jenna is also the Founder of Clear the Air, a sustainability platform that educates, inspires and mobilizes youth to take climate action. Through blog posts, podcasts and workshops, she translates complex information into simple, clear language and shows youth how everyday actions can contribute to positive global change. Through her efforts, Jenna hopes to drive both an inter- and intra-generational movement towards a sustainable future.

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Jenna Phillips

University of Waterloo

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