Two recycling bins

In 2017, the University committed to become a zero waste campus (90% diversion rate) by 2035.

This bold objective will require updates to the campus’ infrastructure, programs and services to reduce waste generation, and active outreach and training for students, staff, and faculty to take simple but tangible actions each day to join the effort.

There is a tremendous opportunity. Waterloo's waste audits consistently show that over 80% of all waste currently sent to landfill could be composted or recycled. 

The Shift Zero Action Plan is taking five key approaches to reach this goal:

  • Engage and train
  • Reduce and eliminate waste
  • Maximize recycling
  • Capture organics
  • Expand reuse programs

Read below to learn more about each of these action areas and example initiatives currently underway in each.

Shift Zero campaign logo

 42% recycled or composted, 58% landfilled. Callout of landfilled content is that over 80% could be recycled or composted