Alternative methods for food waste reduction on campus

TitleAlternative methods for food waste reduction on campus
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication1991
AuthorsUm, Y., M. fadelle, K. Rankine, H. Gilman, and M. Campbell
Keywordscomposting, food waste, residences, student engagement, waste

The purpose of our study was to find possible alternative methods for the disposal of food waste generated on the University of Waterloo campus. We obtained our objectives through personal interviews with Village 2 residents in the form of accidental sampling. During our study, we were faced with several limitations that affected the final results, including those from our questionnaires and our proposals. Through our findings, we discovered that there was an overall familiarity and positive attitude towards composting. We also discovered that the majority of these students were willing to separate their food waste after their meals and that almost half of these students would be willing to volunteer in a composting program in Village 2. As a result of our analysis, we recommend a composting program be implemented on north Campus beside the greenhouses, which is landfilling. Some other viable recommendations include the use of food waste material as fertilizer and animal feed. From out study, we hope to increase awareness and provoke interest in the growing environmental concerns related to methods of reduction and management of food waste… For full text, please e-mail