Mapping trees at UW using GPS-Needles Hall

TitleMapping trees at UW using GPS-Needles Hall
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication2000
AuthorsBartok, N., C. Farassoglou, and N. Sutic
KeywordsCampus Tree Mapping, tree database, University of Waterloo campus

…Lynne Elliot initially presented the idea of the “campus Tree Mapping” exercise to the class on May 4, 2000. She asked for volunteers to complete the tree-mapping project, in which trees are mapped in a certain area using GPS. These GPS points are then to be added to an existing AutoCAD map of campus, thus showing the trees on the map. Tim Ernst, who is the arborist on campus, had brought the idea to Lynne because he, among others, wished to have a database created that used GPS to locate the position of trees on a campus map. …The three general goals of the project were to complete a working, readily accessible tree database, to initiate this project as an ongoing one so that others can replicate it and to further the University of Waterloo’s sustainability goals through the E.R.S. 285 Greening the Campus initiative. The help and co-operation of numerous key people (actors) was needed to do this project and achieve those goals. For full text, please e-mail