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International Civil Aviation Organization's (ICAO) Aviation Fundamentals Course (AviFun)

The University of Waterloo is proud to partner with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) to offer the e-learning Aviation Fundamentals (AviFun) course.

Aviation Fundamentals (AviFun) is a 22-hour online course that consists of 10 online modules and teaches the fundamentals of the international air transport system. This course is currently completed by thousands of learners each year from around the world. It provides a comprehensive understanding of the various aviation activities performed across all aviation areas that encompass the international air transport system.

AviFun allows participants to earn an e-certificate, after completing nine modules of online learning in just 22 hours, at their own pace. Although AviFun is geared towards those in the aviation industry, anyone can complete this course. As a certificate course, AviFun is designed to support professional development (it does not offer University of Waterloo credit towards degrees – and is not an admission requirement for our Aviation degree programs). AviFun provides fundamental knowledge and inspires people to consider the different fields of aviation as they explore their professional goals and career path.

The 22-hour online course, consisting of 10 online modules, is priced at $250.00. You can purchase the Aviation Fundamentals course online on the ICAO website.

For more information about ICAO, you can visit the ICAO website.

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