Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) students

PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) research thesis program

The primary aim of the PhD program is the accomplishment of independent, original research and design work and the subsequent reporting thereon in a thesis.

Minimum program requirements

  • Satisfactory completion of three graduate courses (0.5 unit weight per course) counting towards degree credit normally from the Faculty of Engineering at the 600 or 700 levels.
  • All course selections are arranged by the student in consultation with the supervisor(s)
  • Comprehensive examination
  • Seminar presentation 
  • PhD Defence / Oral examination


  • All courses should be completed in the terms in which they are offered. Students are responsible for monitoring their academic record and grades on QUEST. A minimum overall average of 70% and a minimum grade of 65% is required in each course. Grades below 70% should be brought to the immediate attention of the Graduate Coordinator.
  • The Faculty of Engineering requires that less than half of the courses used for credit toward a PhD degree may be taught by a candidate's supervisor(s). In cases where more than one course is preferred and taught by the supervisor, a statement of approval must be on file with the departments with formal approval from the Department and endorsement from ​the Associate Dean for Graduate Studies and Research in the Faculty of Engineering.

Things to do upon completion of your program

  • Check your QUEST transcript to ensure all course grades, milestones, and program requirements have been met.
  • Clear any outstanding fees with the University in order to graduate.
  • Please remove all personal belongings and properly dispose of any recycling or garbage from your office and lab space.
  • Promptly return your office and lab keys (including any desk or filing cabinet keys) to the Department Secretary, E5 Front Desk, for a refund where applicable. 
  • Return any borrowed books or theses to the applicable lender.
  • Keep you address and contact information up-to-date on QUEST. Anyone that does not attend the convocation ceremony will be mailed their diploma to the address on QUEST.