Master of Applied Science (MASc) students

Master of Applied Science Research Thesis Program

The objective of the Master's degree programs in Systems Design Engineering is to demonstrate individual accomplishment of a high professional and academic standard. This challenging opportunity is open to candidates who have successfully completed an Honour's Bachelor degree at a recognized university and who have shown the capability and determination for postgraduate studies.

The MASc option is intended for those students who wish to become involved in a particular research area in greater depth than is possible in the MEng option. By comparison, the MASc course requirements are considerably reduced so that students can devote more time to their research and to the preparation of a MASc thesis. The normal duration of this program is 24 months. The minimum residency requirements and program time limits are published in the Graduate Studies calendar.

Minimum requirements

  • Satisfactory completion of four graduate courses (0.5 unit weight per course) counting towards degree credit from the University of Waterloo satisfying the following criteria:
    • at least two courses from Systems Design Engineering at the 500, 600 or 700 level
    • at most one course at the 500 level
    • at least one course at the 600 level
    • no more than half the courses may be taught by the supervisor(s)
  • All course selections are arranged by the student in consultation with the supervisor(s).
  • Seminar presentation for credit (see further information below).
  • Submission of a thesis embodying the results of independent research work to the satisfaction of an examining committee (readers of the thesis) which includes the supervisor(s), at least one other member of the professoriate of Systems Design Engineering and at least one other faculty member chosen from outside the student's area of research. The topic of the thesis is arranged by the supervisor(s) and the student.

Please note: These requirements are in addition to satisfactory completion of any transitional courses that may be specified at the time of admission.

All courses should be completed in the terms in which they are offered. Students are responsible for monitoring their academic record and grades on QUEST. A minimum overall average of 70% and a minimum grade of 65% is required in each course. An insufficient grade or average should be brought to the immediate attention of the Graduate Coordinator.

MASc Seminar Requirement (Milestone)

Each graduate student is required to present a seminar on the thesis. These seminars allow candidates to communicate the results of their research work and should not be interpreted as an oral examination of their thesis. MASc candidates normally hold their seminar in the term the thesis is submitted to their readers (normally by term 3.0 of their program).

The Faculty of Engineering requires that no more than one-half of the courses used for credit toward a graduate degree may be taught by a candidate's supervisor(s). In the case of co-supervision in small research groups, it may be necessary to relax this rule; however, the student's file must contain a statement of formal approval from the Department and endorsement from the Associate Dean for Graduate Studies and Research in the Faculty of Engineering.