Master of Engineering (MEng) students

Master of Engineering (Course-Work Program)

The objective of the MEng program in Systems Design Engineering is to demonstrate individual accomplishment of a high professional and academic standard. This challenging opportunity is open to candidates who have successfully completed an Honour's Bachelor degree at a recognized university and who have shown the capability and determination for postgraduate studies.

The MEng, course-work program, is an option which builds upon the foundation of the Systems Design Engineering undergraduate program, or its equivalent. This program is suited to the individual who desires a deeper knowledge of the fields encompassed by Systems Design Engineering for application throughout a professional career rather than stressing the importance of research and the generation of new knowledge.

The MEng program is a student-managed, course-work, degree program which does not include a supervisor or funding. The MEng program is normally completed in 1-2 years.  The minimum, full-time, residency requirement is 2 terms (8 months) and the maximum allowable time is 6 terms (24 months or 2 years).  Program time limits are published in the Graduate Studies calendar

Minimum course requirements

Satisfactory completion of eight graduate courses (0.5 unit weight per course) counting towards degree credit from the University of Waterloo satisfying the following criteria:

  • at least four Systems Design Engineering courses at the 500, 600 or 700 level
  • at most two courses at the 500 level
  • at least three courses at the 600 level

All courses are taken from within the Faculty of Engineering. If you would like to take a course outside of Engineering, please contact the Graduate Coordinator first.

Questions regarding qualified courses should be directed to the Graduate Coordinator or Associate Chair for Graduate Studies.

All courses should be completed in the terms in which they are offered. Students are responsible for monitoring their academic record and grades on QUEST. A minimum overall average of 70% and a minimum grade of 65% is required in each course. Grades below 70% should be brought to the immediate attention of the Graduate Coordinator.