1996-97 SYDE 461/462 workshop projects

Welcome to system design workshop SyDe 461/462 for 1996-1997.

Workshop co-ordinator: Prof. Barry Wills

List of design projects

Following the list of all projects (students, project title, supervisors)

  • Karim Abdulla, Ghalib Habib, Stanley Wong
    A new architecture for today's computing model with network computers
    Peter H. Roe
  • Rick Barfoot
    Design optimizations of boom system planar motion
    John McPhee
  • Jorge A. Bastias
    RADCOM -An interactive tool for creating COM components
    Donald Cowan
  • Joan Batucan, Eddie Fong
    Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) over satellite
    George Kesidis
  • Kell Belanger
    The Internet and systems design courses
    Barry Wills
  • Leif Bloomquist
    Navigation system for autonomous underground mining vehicles
    Jan Paul Huissoon
  • Jeff Bondy
    RF transceiver system and circuit design
    Lizhong Zhu
  • Jeff Bowman, Afzal Jessa, Arvie Kwan
    The development of an information services platform for a wireless telecommunications network
  • Janette Byun, Corina Silberman
    Ergonomic deisgn of women's ice hockey equipment
    Kish Hahn
  • Fernando Canas
    Microprocessor based reduced voltage motor starter
    Claudio Canizares
  • Gordon Cepuran, Carlos Chen, Helena Zheng
    Dynamic data nining of the World Wide Web (WWW)
    Medhat Moussa
  • Wayne Chang, Joe Soetemans, Brian Vyn
    Quality control sSystem for printed materials using a neural network approach
    Medhat Moussa
  • Adam Cornwell, Emery A. Miller
    Ontario's electricity system
    K. Hipel, Jason Levy
  • Tom Delic
    Rendez vous Canada scheduling program
    Andrew K.C. Wong, Carolyn MacGregor
  • Hieu N. Do, Thanh Tran
    A suite for kinematics design optimizations and robot manipulation graphical virtual reality
    Rene Mayorga
  • Jonathan Eagles
    EagleSoft internet E-mail client
    Peter Roe
  • Andrew Faber
    The Canadian aboriginal syllabics -adaptation for computer systems
    Li Deng
  • Jason Foster
    Design education: synergistics between the institution and the student
    Peter Roe
  • Karen Foster
    International river system management
    Keith W. Hipel
  • Dana Fulton, Ann Phan Tran
    Multimedia application for synchronized swimming choreography
    Carolyn MacGregor
  • Stephen Gayowsky
    Tendering support system for Ronald T. Gayowsky Ltd.
    Peter Roe, Henry Marfisi, Mark Gayowsky
  • Gord Gilpin, Mark Lees
    Modeling of pathologically influenced electromyographic signals
    Daniel Stashuk
  • Bryan D. Gordon
    Binaural 3D audio reproduction
    John Vanderkooy
  • Gene Goykhman, Chris Law, Kenley Sun
    An equation editor for component for easy technical documentation
    Carolyn MacGregor
  • Faye Hall
    Design of signals and systems sampling tutorial
    Ed Jernigan
  • Adam Hatfield
    Analysis of the Ontario physician management conflict
    K. W. Hipel
  • Dylan Horvath, Jeff Lee, Stefan Williams
    Design and implementation of a walking robot
    John McPhee
  • David Humphreys
    The design and implementation of a self-adapting game
    Donald E. Grierson
  • Adina Kaufman
    Firefighter shiftwork preferences
    Carolyn MacGregor
  • Laura Lynne Smith, Andrew Kennedy
    Cognitive demands analysis of tasks
    Carolyn MacGregor
  • Daniel Kenny
    Application of elliptic curve cryptography toward secure internet transactions
    G. B. Agnew
  • Tarun C. Khandelwal, James Van Leeuwen
    Mobile computer security system
    Peter Roe
  • Neil Keleher
    Graph- theoretic modeling of electrical systems with maple
    John J. McPhee
  • Michael Konstantinidis
    Medical image segmentation: an .interactive multi-technique approach
    Ed Jernigan
  • Kieran Lal, Chris Michalski
    Designing a Personal Computer (PC) based robot interface
    Jan Huissoon
  • Colin Lawrence
    A practical implementation of fractal image compression
    Ed Jernigan
  • Carol Liang
    Design of web pages to increase the accessibility to users with low vision
    Graham Strong, Carolyn MacGregor
  • Michael C.T. Liang
    Integrating manufacturing process costing into the design decision
    David Dilts
  • Aili K. Maki
    Summary of tire traction and chain lubricant tests to assist in the design of a winter bicycle
    R. Fraser
  • Sarah McMillan
    Multi-precision combustion calculations
    R.A. Fraser
  • Chris McRaild, Michael Watson
    3D principal components analysis
    M.E. Jernigan
  • Stephen Michaud
    Specification for IP transmission over ATM
    P .H. Roe
  • Lars Ogilvie
    Virtual prototyping: human-in-the-loop simulations
    John McPhee
  • Sasha Papayanis, Jana Ting
    Braille music production with BACH
    Peter Hatch, Peter Roe
  • Leila Rahim, John Wang
    Data warehousing and data mining information resource
    Forbes Burkowski
  • Prashant Ramanathan
    Clustering algorithms for SAR sea ice images
    M.E. Jernigan
  • Ian Renshaw
    Stirling engine prototype
    R.A. Fraser
  • Al Satchu
    Design & development of an expert system for the CIIC/W
    T. Astebro
  • Jason Van Dyk, Ajay Seth
    Sculling simulator
    Gordon Andrews
  • Urvashi Sharma
    Analyzing geometlic browman motion tor security pricing
    D.L. McLeish
  • Thomas Sondergaard
    Ice screw re-design
    Gordon C. Andrews
  • Chris Sonnenberg
    Text-to-speech conversion
    Harry Logan
  • Victoria Young
    Examination of the effect of neurulation inhibitory drugs on Axolotl Embryos
    G.W. Brodland