1997-98 SYDE 461/462 workshop projects

Welcome to system design workshop SyDe 461/462 for 1997-1998.

Workshop co-ordinator: Prof. Barry Wills

List of design projects

Following the list of all projects (students, project title, supervisors)

  • Chris Nizman, Irena Polajnar, David Tompa, Mark Barfoot
    Image acquisition prototype for the Integrated Ballistics Identification System (IBIS)
    Roman Baldur, Ed Jernigan
  • Marc-Andre Morisset, Kevin Viggers
    Speech synthesis for virtual intelligent agents
    Carolyn MacGregor
  • Ravi Prashad, Kean Reardon
    PRISM: pattern recognition and imaging for sorting materials
    M. E. Jernigan
  • Tim Lahey
    Simulation of the dynamic behaviour of highly deformable surfaces
    G. Heppler
  • James S. Waller
    An investigation of a new jersey cancer cluster
    J. Sykes
  • Tyler Austen, Raman Gupta
    Dynamic object synthesis and management in virtual worlds
    Paul Fieguth
  • Edward C. Chan, Allen T. John, Brent D. McMahon
    Prototyping of a dynamic load capture system for the WATFLEX experimental facility
    Glenn R. Heppler , John J. McPhee
  • Mike Peasgood, Jay Wylie
    Hexplorer: a second generation small walking robot
    John McPhee
  • Imran Khan, Kham Truong
    Using image processing techniques for retinal image analysis and detection of diabetes
    Mohamed Kamel, Dr. Gasser Auda
  • Joelle Pineau
    Ultrasonic perception and navigation for a small walking robot
    John McPhee , Jan Huissoon
  • Brian Eng , Janet Ho
    The chin rest fitting system
    Richard Wells
  • Aubrey Hamilton Friesner, Vasist Kundrupi, Thanh Vuong
    Control in the extended enterprise
    David Dilts
  • Brad Schleihauf
    FLAVOR: fuzzy logic automated visual object recognition
    Fakhri Karray
  • Greg Edwards, Jennifer Thompson
    Investigating the role of guided tours in the learning of virtual environments
    Carolyn MacGregor
  • Jamie Dougal, Robert Giesen
    Creating a user interface for Matlab's neural network toolbox
    Kamel, Auda
  • Evan Hildreth
    Virtual viewpoint image generation from a stereo image pair
    Paul Fieguth
  • James Green, Joshua Richmond
    The robotic image processing pool player
    P. Fieguth
  • Kenny Fung, Anna Lissa Saupan
    The mini-net: an electronic commerce model
    P. Ponnambalam
  • Ken Wilde
    Modeling and control strategy for a non-linear activated sludge Wastewater Process
    Hector Budman
  • Ivan Bruulsema, Graham Roe
    Fuzzy motor control
    Fahkri Karray
  • Gregory A. Caza
    Graphic User Interface (GUI) online help systems: an interdisciplinary approach
    Randy Harris
  • Tai Jing Moyung, Florence So
    Dr. Sing: a computer application for voice training
    Ed Jernigan
  • Andre R. Edelbrock, Trevor F .R. Clarke
    The impact of financial reform in canada: effects of mergers on Canadian financial institutions
    Phelim Boyle
  • Seyhan Sherifali
    University of Waterloo engineering UNIX workstation interface: usability testing and re-design
    Carolyn MacGregor
  • Stephen Dudycha, Olga Pawluczyk
    Arterial segmentation in 3-D flow independent angiography
    Paul Fieguth, Graham Wright
  • Ryan D' Aurelio, Mike Hynna
    Vision system for the WATFLEX Robot
    Paul Fieguth, Glenn Heppler, John McPhee
  • Natalie Worobec
    Morphology in machine translation systems: a comparison of methods
    Mohamed Kamel
  • Jonathan Bailey
    Correction of aerial digital video composite images for viewing geometry and atmospheric effects
    Paul Fieguth
  • Hafiz Ladha, Doron Melnick, Gloria Tam
    Nonparametric approaches to derivative securities pricing and hedging
    Medhat Moussa
  • James P. Moore
    The CO2 reduction project - a feasible solution to global warming
    Paul Kay
  • Dan Ivanisevic
    MPEG video compression as a tool for depth perception in stereo images
    Ed Jernigan
  • John O'Reilly, Dan O'Connell, Sheridan Ethier, Paul Bowles
    WINCH: Waterloo INtelligent Crane researcH
    F. Karray
  • Joe Krajnc , Susan Lee
    An engine management system for the ethanol vehicle challenge
    Jan Paul Huissoon
  • Pauline Wong
    Ship simulation
    G. R. Heppler
  • Jay Leduc, Janeen Tang
    The Kyoto conference: analysis of an international climate change treaty
    Keith Hipel
  • Inderjit Takk
    Pattern recognition of economic indicators
    Paul Fieguth
  • James Fernandes, Martin Hill
    A vision-based procedure for robotic end-effector error correction
    M. Moussa, F. Karray
  • Todd Hallman, Scott Howlett
    AKSys: Active Knowledge System
    Mohamed Kamel
  • Rekha Narang, Cameron Piron
    Analysis of cell images to aid in cancer research
    Paul Fieguth
  • Mike T. Hamdar
    Evaluation of information systems capital investment decisions: a computer application
    David Fuller
  • David Jonker
    Component architectures for educational technology
    T. Carey
  • Misha Rybalov
    Drama theory as enhancer to game theory
    Keith Hipel, Jason Levy
  • Ken Dyck, Ryan Quesnel
    Digital filter design software plug-in for go DSP's code composer
    Paul Fieguth
  • Jennifer Hunt, Kanwal Ahuja
    F. Karray, J. McPhee
  • Eric Baumgart
    Using system simulation to enhance engineering education: applications in a control systems course
    Barry Wills