Design project awards from 2012 Design Symposium

Monday, April 9, 2012

“Best entrepreneurial potential”: Designing an Augmented Feedback System for Music Learning: Arian Rabhari and Ivan Cheung (Supervisors: Carolyn MacGregor and Kumaraswamy Ponnambalam)

“Best presentation” and “Best overall 4th year design project” awards: shared by the two following design groups.

Virtual Reality Simulator for Behavioural Analysis in Traffic Situations: Justin D’Entremont, Robert Sparrow, Roger Kovessy (Supervisor: Carolyn MacGregor)

Interactive Baseball Training Aid: Cameron Scott, Ronak Trivedi, Prashant Viswanathan (Supervisor: John McPhee & Justin Eichel)

Honorable mentions went to

Orpheus: Jang Hye, Raheem Mussa, Edward Philip, Igor Tomachevski (Supervisor: Justin Eichel)

MyTongue: Leah Henderson, Alison Maksymchak, Yahya Remtulla (supervisor; Myra Fernandes)

A device for providing physiotherapy feedback: Excellent Exercising: Colin Heics, Abdullahi Kahiye, Mehrad Karamlou, Amen Modhafar (supervisor: Alex Wong)

“Best overall 3B design project” award went to Road Sign Monitoring System: Alir Esfahanizadeh, Afsheen Ghorashy, Angela Kim, Peter Lee, Jason Pye, Paul van der Vecht (supervisor: Gord Savage)