Important initiative launched by Systems Design Professor towards AI detection of COVID-19

Monday, March 23, 2020

Dr. Alexander Wong, a professor in systems design engineering and his research team, alongside startup DarwinAI, have launch an AI initiative in the fight against COVID-19 pandemic, and need your help and support. As the first step, they have developed COVID-Net, an open source deep neural network for detecting COVID-19 infections from chest radiography, with AI explanations to gain transparency into visual indicators of COVID-19. By making it available in an open source, open access manner, the hope is to accelerate the global use and development of complementary COVID-19 screening solutions for rapid screening of those who need it most. The COVID-Net model, dataset, and scientific paper are available on Github for all to use and build upon: In addition, they will also make our explainability tool available to researchers and healthcare providers so that they can see the critical factors that caused a diagnosis using COVID-Net - which would help with adoption in the field. They want to keep improving this initiative so please spread the word, contribute COVID-19 x-ray images, contribute expertise with model improvements, connect us with the right agencies and institutions for support, etc.   They can be reached at