PhD Defence Procedures and Related Matters

Nomination Form

Nomination of the PhD thesis Examining Committee Form The       candidate’s supervisor(s) should complete and submit this form to the Graduate Coordinator along with a copy of the proposed external examiner’s complete C.V. at least nine weeks prior to the defence date. 

The date/time/location of the defence must be included on the nomination form – TBA dates are not acceptable.  Please contact the Graduate Coordinator for assistance with booking a room for the defence.


All members of the PhD committee should attend the oral defence.  Attendance of the Supervisor(s) and the External Examiner should be regarded as mandatory. 

When a Committee Member is unable to attend the defence but able to participate remotely (videoconference or teleconference). 

The committee member should immediately notify the PhD candidate and supervisor(s).  Subsequently the candidate/supervisors should notify the Graduate Coordinator ASAP with the confirmed date and time of the defence in order for a proper room/facility to be booked. Justification for remote participation should be included with the nomination form and is subject to the approval of the Graduate Associate Chair and Associate Dean, Engineering.

There are few Videoconference facilities on campus so it's important to ensure a room can be booked and confirmed before the Nomination form can be forwarded from the Graduate Coordinator for approval.  Note: The Faculty of Engineering does NOT support the use of SKYPE. 

Videoconference: All communications regarding the defence date, location, etc. should be copied to the parties involved including the video conference facilitator, remote participant, supervisor, student and Grad. Coordinator.  The remote participant, supervisor and facilitator must also establish a test date and time to ensure a proper connection prior to the defence. The exact location of the remote participant and IP address will be required.

Teleconference: IST (Bruce Bender) requires at least one weeks notice to set up a conference unit in a room that has telephone capability. The room must be available at an agreeable time at least one hour before the start of the defence in order to set up and test the phone connection.  IST will need to confirm the request through email. 

Contact the Graduate Coordinator for assistance with booking video or teleconferences.

When a Committee Member cannot participate in the defence and a Delegate or Replacement member is required

The committee member that is unable to participate must complete the third page of the Nomination form and arrange for the Delegate or Replacement member to sign the form before it is submitted to the Graduate Coordinator.  

Members that use a Delegate must read the thesis and submit a copy of their questions to the Delegate and the Faculty of Engineering Graduate Office (Ibi Brown) at least one week before the examination date.

Further information is included with the form. 

Results of the PhD Oral Examination

If Accepted - Category 2: Revisions must be completed satisfactorily by each of the examining committee members including the supervisor(s) within four months of the date of the defence or the student must withdraw from the program.

All Supervisors are required to email the Engineering Graduate Studies Office to advise that all revisions and editorial changes have been completed satisfactorily before the thesis is submitted electronically to the UWSpace (GSO). Refer to the MEMO confirming the results of the examination sent through email from the Associate Dean, Engineering Graduate Studies Office.  

Questions regarding these matters may be directed to the Graduate Coordinator.