LIARS (List of Individually Approved Research Supervisors) / ADDS (Approved Doctoral Dissertation Supervisors)

The faculty of engineering identifies their faculty members whom are approved to solely-supervise PhD students to the LIARS status.  The LIARS is the equivalent of the university’s more broadly known status, ADDS.   Therefore, any university requirements made to the ADDS is also applicable to the LIARS. 

The Graduate Studies Office (GSO) has altered the ADDS / LIARS status request process.  In addition to a recommendation letter from the Chair, and the ADDS / LIARS candidate’s CV, the GSO would like the candidate or Chair to fill out a Qualifications for Approved Doctoral Dissertation Supervisors form before it is sent to the Engineering Graduate Studies Office (EGSO). This form will be made available online once GSO makes it accessible for web use.

Faculty members should reference the Engineering ADDS page for more information on acquiring ADDS / LIARS status.