Our computer lab is located in E5-6007 next to our undergraduate Teaching Lab.

Important features

This facility is available exclusively for Systems Design Engineering and Biomedical Engineering undergraduate students. In the past this lab used to be known as DASL but now it is known as Undergraduate Computer Lab.

In this facility, 20 high-end PC systems running Windows 10 on the Nexus domain are available, along with a high-volume laser printer. The software on the computers is automatically updated. High-speed connection to Internet resources can be accessed from these computers.

There are also extra work tables available for Laptop/Notebook use.

Facility use

Students must adhere to the policies set forth by the Department of Systems Design Engineering while using this facility. There is strictly No Food or Fluids allowed in this lab.

Power and network access 

Students can access power for their laptops/notebooks using the outlets located on the table tops and on the side walls of the room. Wifi networks is available inside the Computer Lab. The wireless network supports both 802.11a and 802.11b protocols.


Safety of our students is always an important concern on our facility. Consult the departmental safety officer with questions about departmental safety policies.