Supplemental Examinations in the SYDE and BME Programs

Please note:

  • If you have failed a course, you should speak to your academic advisor right away, to make sure you are taking appropriate steps.
  • Note that in SYDE/BME 1A and 1B are not managed by the first-year office. Therefore, the promotion rule on their webpage, which states that if the course grade is between 40%-49% a supplemental exam will be offered, does not apply.

Current practice for Supplemental exam in SYDE –BME:

  • If you fail a core course (grade less than 50%) you may be granted an opportunity to write a supplemental exam to try to clear the failure.
  • In SYDE-BME, the SYDE-BME Undergrad office will reach out to the instructor to ask if a supplemental exam is appropriate for all students who failed the class.
  • Decisions are based individually for each student on term performance in all deliverables and if writing the final exam the next time the course is offered is in the best interest for that student or if repeating the course materials to gain a better understanding of content if more suitable.
  • There is no specific grade cut-off in SYDE-BME when determining who is granted a supplemental exam.

If you are granted a supplemental exam

  • SUPP A will appear on your Quest transcript once term grades become official beside the failed course mark.
  • You will receive an email from the Registrar’s Office with a Supplemental Exam Registration form attached for you to complete and submit for processing. 
  • You will be eligible to write the final exam with the next class when the course is offered.
  • You have 1 year to write the supplemental exam and after the year, the opportunity expires.
  • If you pass the supplemental exam, you will clear the failure.  SUPP S will appear on Quest (your original grade does not change).
  • If you fail the supplemental exam, you will need to retake the course to clear the failure.  This 2nd failure will also be counted. If you have three failures on your academic record, you may be required to withdrawal from Engineering at UW.
  • NOTE:  It is the student’s decision whether to write the supplemental exam or not if granted one.  There is still the option to clear the failure by retaking the course or an approved equivalent.  (Please discuss with your Academic Advisor.)

If you are not granted a supplemental exam

  • In order to clear the failure, you will need to retake the course or an approved equivalent to clear the failure before you can graduate. (Please discuss with your Academic Advisor.)
  • It is always in your best interest to clear failures as soon as possible so they do not accumulate.

Other Information

  • SYDE-BME is not part of the First-Year Engineering Office so we do not follow their policies on supplemental exams.  Our rules are listed above.
  • Supplemental exams are only assigned for core course failures, not electives.
  • Some courses do not have final exams and require final projects/reports instead. If there is no final exam in a course, a supplemental exam is not an option.
  • The same instructor doesn’t always teach the same course from year to year so be aware if you decide to write a supplemental exam with a new course instructor, the course content may vary.