SYDE-BME COVID Code of Conduct

The Systems Design Engineering (SYDE) and Biomedical Engineering (BME) faculty and staff are excited to welcome you to our community for the Fall 2021 term, whether it is virtually or on campus.  

Waterloo has planned a fall term with expanded in-person experience while putting measures in place to protect and promote safety.  Although safety remains our top priority, we are excited to see our classrooms, labs, and offices occupied by our bright and hardworking community members.   

As member of the SYDE and BME community, we have the following shared responsibilities:  

  1. Wear a medical mask. Face coverings, such as masks, that cover the nose, mouth and chin are required in all SYDE and BME spaces, including classrooms, offices, and common areas. Safety glasses, face shields or goggles are required in labs.  

  2. Keep your distance. Obey room capacity limits. Be aware of crowding instructors and teaching assistants and observe No-Go Zones in classrooms, labs, and offices.  

  3. Drink with a straw under your mask. Beverages are allowed. Eating is not permitted in classrooms or other indoor public spaces.  

  4. Respect other people’s requests for their sense of safety.    

If you feel ill, are not vaccinated, or are not wearing a mask, stay home and use remote learning and work. 

We must work together as a community to create a safe learning and working environment for everyone.  

If you have questions or suggestions, contact and the appropriate person will respond. For more information on Waterloo’s procedures, visit: 


SYDE-BME Code of Conduct