“By the time I graduated, I had several offers for employment, and a range of new opportunities were open to me.”

– Ken Lee, Class of 2002

“With the extremely tight job market that currently exists, landing a job without co-op experience is next to impossible.”

-Robert Sondermeyer, Class of 1993

“It was most beneficial in teaching you how to conduct yourself in the right way to succeed and grow in a working environment”

– Tariq Rahman, Class of 1987

“Like many others, I ended up getting hired on full-time by my employer from my last work-term, in my case that was BNR in Montreal. If I had had to go out and find a job just like the people who'd come out of regular universities, with no industry experience, I think it would have been much harder.”

-Fraser Fulford, Class of 1987

“Co-op gives you a definite leg up on other grads. As an employer myself, I find it much easier to hire a person with a couple years of experience. They become productive much more quickly, and they have a better idea of what to expect in their relationship with their employer.”

– Steve Matusch, Class of 1991

“Co-op was undeniably beneficial in making me employable. As much as I complained about how much time it took to go through the co-op process, I learned A LOT about finding jobs, working in different environments, interacting in the workplace, and countless other skills that I can't even begin to name that ended up being absolutely invaluable.”

-Christine Cheng, Class of 1999

Co-op definitely helped with getting a job. It shows to potential employers that you're not totally green, and that you have some work experience. Also, and perhaps more importantly, you establish contacts, which I, at least, used to leverage my first job.

-Milind Ghanekar, Class of 1992

I learned professionalism and how to get along with people in a work environment during co-op. It's a skill that's useful anywhere in life.

-Thanh-My Dang, Class of 1996

“The most valuable benefit of the co-op experiences are the job searching skills it provides you with, and some of the work experience. The skills in preparing a resume and in interviewing were invaluable and cannot be gained through a classroom setting.”

-Andrew James Kennedy, Class of 1997