Guidelines for preparing a workshop project finance request

The department has allocated a budget to support undergraduate workshop projects. The finance is mainly for 4th year projects due to limited funds available. Other workshop students can also submit their proposals and will be judged accordingly.

Following is a list of items covered by this budget:

  1. Software
    Complete Software licenses can be requested

  2. Books
    Students may request any technical books which are part of their design project

  3. Hardware
    Students interested in developing embedded applications may request hardware development boards from any vendor

    Hardware in terms of PC's and other peripherals may also be provided for approved projects.

For any of the above, students will need to submit a formal proposal to the Workshop Committee. The proposals should indicate the nature of the project and how the products being requested will be used. All proposals will be discussed in detail before getting approved. Any proposals requiring hardware will need the support of the student's supervisor, to ensure that the hardware requested is justified. The proposal should also include a detailed cost breakdown of the project, including any funds available from other sources. The department expects each group member to contribute at least an amount equivalent to the cost of a text book, which is approximately $100.

Questions, suggestions and proposals can be sent to:

Tariq Naqvi
Lab Instructor, Systems Design Engineering, Univerisity of Waterloo, extension 35218

Indicate 3rd or 4th year project and the group number in the subject line.

Students are not allowed to keep any hardware, software or book beyond what they pay for themselves. These items will be kept by the Systems Design Engineering Department for future undergrad workshop projects.