Studio HH 180 rates

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(60 seat capacity)

Rental charges

Description of rental and services Commercial rate Non-profit rate
Basic Rental Rate (8 hours of theatre usage with tech i.e., set install, lighting hang and focus, tech rehearsals and performances) $250 $100
Basic Rental Rate (rehearsals under work light) FREE FREE
Hourly Rental (for additional hours after the 8 basic hours) $80/hr $40/hr

Client will provide documentation of registered charitable or non-profit corporate status as well as a minimum of $2 million liability insurance to the Theatre Manager.

Labour charges

(2 hour minimum charge) 

Type of service Rates
Lead technician $30.00/hour
Additional technicians $22.00/hour
Front of House Manager $25.00/hour
Front of house staff $18.00/hour

All staffing is done, per contract, at the discretion of the Theatre Manager, and is subject to the Employment Standards Act and specific policies of the Theatre of the Arts. For example:

  • Labour charges billed will be based on actual time worked by staff 
  • Each call shall be a minimum of two (2) hours 
  • Staff are entitled to a paid fifteen (15) minute coffee break after two (2) hours work
  • Staff will receive a sixty (60) minute meal break after five (5) hours work.  If you infringe upon the meal break you will be charged $50 per staff person
  • After 8 hrs of work personnel are billed out at one and one-half (1-1/2) times the contracted rate
  • Any work past midnight will be billed at one and one-half (1-1/2) times the contracted rate
  • Charges for work on public holidays will be based on the Ontario Ministry of Labour Employment Standards. 
  • For work after midnight, staff will be paid for transportation home by taxi

Box office charges

Tickets to be arranged with the University of Waterloo Theatre Centre Box Office - Peter Carette x. 32128

Capital Reserve Fund (CRF) to be included in ticket price:

  • $1.00/ticket priced $7.00 or more
  • $0.50/ticket priced $6.99 or less

The CRF will be charged on all events in the Theatre of the Arts, including those where the entry is included as one portion of a larger event such as a conference. The rate will be a minimum of $0.50/person based on theatre attendance.

Other charges

Type of service Rates
Video/data projector $50.00/day
Smoke machine (including fluid) $45.00/day

All other production related charges will be passed on at cost.

The fine print

Please read our Theatre rental "fine print" documentation.

For more information

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