Grebel Cooperative MTS-MDiv Sequential Degree Arrangements

This page provides and overview of information and procedures for students interested in completing a Master of Theological Studies (MTS) degree at Grebel/University of Waterloo, and then proceeding to complete a Masters of Divinity at one of the following institutions:

I. The Basic sequence:

  1. Student applies for admission to MTS program at Grebel/University Waterloo.
  2. Student completes MTS (Applied Studies) at Grebel (16 courses), including, ideally, three courses at either CMU or AMBS. The MTS degree is awarded conjointly by Grebel and University of Waterloo. Sequential degrees are possible from other MTS program options, but those who complete the Applied option will likely be able to meet more requirements of the MDiv.
  3. Student applies for admission to MDiv program at CMU or AMBS.
  4. Up to 13 of 16 courses may be transferred.
  5. Three courses may be taken at CMU or AMBS  while a student is a Grebel MTS student.  These courses will count towards the MTS degree, and will also be applied towards an MDiv at CMU or AMBS.  Thus, it is possible that all 16 MTS courses will be counted towards an MDiv degree. (For more information see Cooperative MTS-MDIV sequential Degree Arrangement - CMU and Cooperative MTS-MDIV sequential Degree Arrangement - AMBS).
  6. Student completes MDiv at CMU or AMBS.
  7. Upon completion, MDiv degree is awarded by CMU or AMBS.