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2017 university-wide 3MT finalists

Name Department/School Title of faculty heat presentation
3MT 2017 university-wide finalists
Amy Yang Civil and Environmental Engineering Nutrient threshold concentrations for cyanobacterial blooms in drinking water reservoirs
Andria Bianchi Philosophy Sex, Dementia and Consent
Christine Czoli School of Public Health and Health Systems Can E-Cigarettes Successfully Replace Tobacco Cigarettes?
Christopher Chan Architecture Growing an Ecology in Space
Cynthia Waltho Management Sciences Carbon policies in supply chain network design with carbon sensitive demand
Emmanuel Alabi School of Optometry and Vision Science Objective measurement of pain
Eric Hunsberger Systems Design Engineering Efficient Artificial Brains
Injla Khan Chemical Engineering Starch and Cellulose based Nanocomposites
Joseph Andrew Buscemi History Surviving the Worst: Cultures in Crisis at the End of the Cold War
Leah Kristufek Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering Designing for the Future: Decreasing the Infrastructure Costs of De-icing Salts
Meaghan Mechler Geography and Environmental Management Effect of Biochar on Soil Health and Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Temperate Agriculture
Mostafa Farrokhabadi Electrical and Computer Engineering Reducing Remote Communities Isolated Grids Dependency On Energy Storage Systems
Nyasha Gondora Pharmacy The impact of chronic early life stress on receptor expression in the brain
Thomas Bury Applied Mathematics Predicting Critical Transitions in Nature and Society
Tyrone Ghaswala Pure Mathematics Pac-Man and Donuts