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Prizes and winners

Congratulations to our 3MT 2016 university-wide winners!

First prize winner ($1000)

2016 3MT winner  Gah-Jone Won

Gah-Jone Won, PhD Candidate, Vision Science and Biology  
Supervisor: Vivian Choh                              Presentation title: The Development of an Antibody-Drug Conjugate to Specifically Target and Soften the Crystalline Lens in vivo 


Runner up ($500)


 Cheryl Chan

Cheryl Chan, MES Candidate, Environment and Resource Studies                 Supervisor: Derek Armitage                        Presentation title: Fish for Our Future: A Community-Based Approach to Marine Conservation 


People's Choice award (gift)


3MT 2016 People's Choice Winner - Arun Das

Arun Das, PhD Candidate, Mechnical and Mechatronics Engineering                      Supervisor: Steven Waslander                      Presentation title: Enhancing the Eyes of Self Driving Cars