Final Report to the Toronto Mennonite Theological Centre (TMTC) Advisory Board

Jeremy M. Bergen, Interim Director - September 14, 2006

At the 2005 Advisory Board meetings, it was agreed that leading a long-range planning process would be the primary assignment of the interim director of TMTC. The need for such a process was focused by the impending retirement of Jim Reimer, the founding director, primary faculty person, and tireless advocate. A transition of such scale is a crisis in which the very viability of TMTC is in question. Secondarily, the “ownership” arrangement, by which Grebel is the steward of TMTC on behalf of seven other institutions represented on the Advisory Board, needed further clarification and development. At one point, it appeared that long-range planning would consist of delineating TMTC’s place within an endowed chair of Mennonite Theology at Emmanuel College.

TMTC’s unique structural model has been reflected in the process of planning. In the “Interim Report,” I identified two parallel tracks of planning: one involves program direction and basic vision, which is the primary concern of the Advisory Board. This track resulted in the “Interim Report” and a conference call in which it was discussed. A second track involves responsibilities that are the ultimate (but not sole) responsibility of Grebel—administrative and academic staffing, and financial viability. Here I produced two documents, a “Discussion Paper about Structures for TMTC” and “Discussion Paper on ‘Fair Share Funding’ for TMTC,” which were processed with the President and Academic Dean (see Appendix B for a list of other relevant documents). The relationship between the Advisory Board and Grebel is an ongoing issue that cuts across all of these discussions. The present report brings together these two (or three) tracks for further processing and action.

Download the Toronto Mennonite Theological Centre Long-Range Plan Report (PDF).