God and Abuse: A TMTC Peace Theology Course this Fall

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

carol penner teachingEvery other year the Toronto Mennonite Theological Centre, which is part of Conrad Grebel University College, teaches a course on-campus at the Toronto School of Theology.  These courses bring an Anabaptist perspective to various theological topics. Recent courses include Peace Church Theology taught by Professor Jeremy Bergen and The Eucharist/Lord's Supper in Ecumenical Perspective taught by Professor John Rempel.

We are delighted that this fall, Carol Penner, Assistant Professor of Theological Studies at Conrad Grebel University College, will be teaching CGT 3511 God and Abuse: Theology Close to Home. The description of the course reads:

This course will examine a variety of theological voices coming out of contexts of abuse.  How do we do theology in churches which include both survivors and perpetrators of violence?  We will be reading about sin, repentance, restorative justice, healing, and forgiveness in the contexts of child abuse, spousal violence, and abuse by clergy.  How do churches help or hinder those in need of healing?

Penner is excited to be offering the course, “Today people are very aware of the effects of abuse on individuals, but they may not have had the opportunity to reflect on what this means for our theology. I’m looking forward to reading and discussing texts and experiences with people from a variety of denominations.”

Penner previously offered the course in 2011, “I recently spoke to a person who took the course last time—she told me it was the most valuable course she took in her program, because she ended up working in a church where pastoral abuse had taken place, and the course had prepared her for the complexities of that situation.”

The course will be offered this fall on Mondays from 11 to 1 at the Toronto School of Theology building. The syllabus for CGT 3511 God and Abuse: Theology Close to Home is available here. Consider registering and spread the word about this exciting and valuable course!

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