Maxwell Kennel Receives A. James Reimer Award at TMTC

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Maxwell Kennel is the 2016 winner of the A. James Reimer Award. Maxwell is a PhD student currently in his first year of studies at McMaster University, Department of Religious Studies, and recent graduate of Grebel’s MTS program. Maxwell’s proposed dissertation title is: “Ontological Violence: Radical Reformation and Radical Orthodoxy.” His research interests include political theology, philosophical theology, contemporary Mennonite theology, and Anabaptist history/historiography.

In addition to his formal studies Maxwell is a regular participant in the TMTC community. He presented papers at each of the last two TMTC Graduate Student Conferences (Winnipeg, 2014 and Elkhart, 2016). Now as a TMTC affiliate he will attend monthly scholars forums and is slated to present his own research at a scholars forum in January 2017. He will serve on the next TMTC Graduate Student Conference program planning committee (Toronto, 2018).  Max has had pastoral roles at three Mennonites churches: Steinmann Mennonite Church, Crosshill Mennonite Church, and Rainham Mennonite Church, and is currenctly on the Board of Governors of Conrad Grebel University College.

Expressing his appreciation for the award, Max says:

The support for graduate work in Anabaptist Mennonite studies that the A. James Reimer Award provides is exceptional, and receiving this award has allowed me much greater freedom to engage in my first year of doctoral studies, while making it much easier to connect with people and attend events at TMTC. I'm grateful to those who continue the legacy of Dr. Reimer by granting this award to TMTC students year after year.

The A. James Reimer award is given annually to a Mennonite student completing an advanced degree program at the Toronto School of Theology or another local university, who actively participates in TMTC programming. The award was established to recognize the work of A. James Reimer in establishing the Toronto Mennonite Theological Centre. TMTC provides a Mennonite presence at the Toronto School of Theology in order to engage in theological conversation at an advanced degree level as well as to support Anabaptist students pursuing advanced degrees.

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