Who Are Our Enemies and How Do We Love Them?

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Pablo Kim SunIn his new book, Who Are Our Enemies and How Do We Love Them? Hyung Jin (Pablo) Kim Sun, current PhD student at Emmanuel College and pastor at Toronto Mennonite New Life Church, invites us into a conversation on God's call to love our enemies.

Pablo notes that "this book is the fruit of my several years of theological refelction of Christain nonviolence. I was born and raised in a culture where all men must go into the military. And I grew up hearing often that violence is a necessary evil even for Christians. However, deep in my heart, I did not agree with this, even before I knew about Anabaptist-Mennonite faith. Hence, I had to struggle deeply with how to make sense of the gospel of peace first to myself first and then to others. Who are our enemies?

This thin book is about Christian nonviolence and how Christians can apply this practice in our everyday life. It does not seek to answer every question about nonviolence but through biblical, theological, and historical perspectives, I make my case why Christians should choose nonviolence instead of violence, even in the face of our enemies. This book has been written in a very approachable way so that even people who graduated from high school can understand. Hence, it can be used for classroom or small group gatherings. My goal for this book is not to convince all readers to be Christian pacifists nor to take a guilt trip to those who do not agree with me. But rather, I hope this small book can deepen the readers’ theological reflection and to engage in fruitful and construction dialogue.”

David Augsburger, professor emeritus of pastoral care and counseling at Fuller Theological Seminary, writes in his endorsement that "Hyung Jin Kim Sun takes Jesus' central teaching-- neighbor love is God's love--at his word. As a teacher of peace with Asian roots and a third-world childhood, Kim Sun knows something about loving those who oppose us. He lives this love, and sees how the way to God leads not away from but toward and through care for the ‘other.’"

The book is available in paperback and as an e-book and can be purchased directly from Herald Press and other retailers.

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