Administrative Assistant

Pablo Kim SunPablo is Administrative Assistant at the Toronto Mennonite Theological Centre and a doctoral student in Theological Ethics at Emmanuel College in the Toronto School of Theology. His primary research interests are Mennonite ecclesiology and praxis, becoming intercultural and de-colonializing communities, and public witnessing in post-secular and multicultural society.His thesis seeks to construct a decolonializing intercultural framework in the Canadian context and examines how Mennonite churches in Canada can strive to become more intercultural, to deepen their social responsibility in a multicultural society, and to foster intercultural relations that meet the needs of “non-traditional” Mennonites. Pablo also works as an instructor with the Anabaptist Learning Workshop, a program offered by Mennonite Church Eastern Canada in cooperation with Conrad Grebel University College. When he was living in Los Angeles, he served for two years as the lead pastor of a Korean Mennonite church called Church for Others. He and his wife, Jinah, currently attend Toronto United Mennonite Church.

Toronto Mennonite Theological Centre

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