COVID-19 student information

The following weblinks provide the latest information about Covid-19 vaccination policies and proof of vaccination procedures for each university in the Tri-U. The page will be updated as new information arises. If you intend to travel to another campus, please carefully review their policies and procedures.

MA students may find they can follow the protocols for the university they are visiting if they are coming to attend a course since they are issued a local userid and password. For all other travel to another campus (for both PhD students and MA students) you may need to follow the protocols for guests or visitors.

Current information is as follows:

The University of Guelph provides a page of FAQ's that discusses their policies regarding the proof of vaccination mandate and the other protocols around wearing masks and distancing.

  • Guelph students, faculty, and staff submit their proof of vaccination through the Guelph's Vaccination Proof and Exemption System. You can also find out more information on their Proof of Vaccination and Exemption Requests page.
  • Visitors to campus should review the Before You Return information. Links and information for visitors is found at the bottom of the page. Each time you visit campus, you must complete the University of Guelph COVID-19 Daily Screening Form.
  • Notes:
    • MA students (who are from Laurier or Waterloo) who come to take a course at the University of Guelph must use the login information they have been given to access their course on CourseLink.
    • PhD students who are from Laurier or Waterloo should use University of Guelph ID if it is valid and current. If not, please follow the protocols for visitors explained above.

Everyone who comes to campus, is required to complete the University of Guelph Covid-19 Screening Form each time they come.

Wilfrid Laurier University provides a list of next steps for students and employees.

  • Laurier students will use the SAFEHawk app to upload their proof of vaccination as well as to declare their status daily if they are coming to campus.
  • Visitors also upload their proof of vaccination in the SAFEHawk app.  Visitors need to download the app and (if not a WLU student or faculty) set up a guest account and then apply for the vaccine passport.

    • An alternative to the app is the Covid-19 Resources website. You will still need to create a login with your Laurier credentials OR create a guest account. To access the guest account sign-up, click the Vaccine Passport link on the page first. Once you have set up your account, you can then continue to submit your vaccination information. Go back to the Covid-19 Resources website and then complete the COVID-19 Self Assessment Form each time you visit campus.

    • You may also find this link to the Laurier Visitor Self-Assessment form easier to use for the daily self-assessment submissions.

  • Please read #7 on the next steps page that describes Laurier's other policies and procedures regarding coming to campus.

The University of Waterloo's return to campus website outlines all the policies and procedures related to a safe return to campus including wearing masks and distancing.

Updated September 7, 2021.