Preregistration and Registration-MA Courses

Preregistration for MA Courses is required

(Registration Information below)

As a student in the Tri-U History program you have access to all courses offered each year at all institutions.

To reserve your place in your preferred courses, you must preregister. You cannot directly select courses from your home institution.

There are two periods of preregistration, one in July 2022 for Fall 2022 courses, and one in November 2022 for courses offered in Winter 2023.

Preregistration Process

After you are admitted to one of Guelph, Laurier, or Waterloo (which becomes your home institution), you will receive an email outlining the process and dates for the preregistration periods. Follow the email instructions and choose your courses using the online survey during the defined time period. Course spaces are allotted on a first come, first served basis so preregister early.

Registration Process

Once you have preregistered and received your confirmation email, you must also register for all your choices through your home institution. Please allow at least 24 hours between preregistering and registering so the Tri-U can update its systems.

Each university's process is slightly different. Instructions for Guelph students, Laurier students, and Waterloo students are detailed below. Please only follow the instructions for your home institution. Any inquiries about registering for any of your course choices should be done with the assistant from your home university.

Note: Any courses chosen outside your home university involve completing an Ontario Visiting Graduate Student (OVGS) form. Unique instructions for each university are available below. Completion of the OVGS form is essential for access to online learning platforms and delays in submitting the form may mean delayed access to learning material in the chosen courses after the semester has begun.