Tsinghua-Waterloo JCMEET Travel Award Program 

The Tsinghua University-University of Waterloo Joint Research Center for Micro/Nano Energy & Environment Technology (Tsinghua-Waterloo JCMEET) is proud to announce the 2019 competition for the Tsinghua-Waterloo JCMEET Travel Award. The competition is now open to accept applications.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: April 30, 2019 (Spring Term), August 31, 2019 (Fall Term), December 31, 2019 (Winter Term)

Value and Eligibility

Tsinghua-Waterloo JCMEET Travel Awards are awarded to graduate students pursuing a research based Engineering post-graduate degree (MSc or PhD) at the University of Waterloo or Tsinghua University. Up to 10 awards will be provided each year. The awards are expected to support short term visits (1-8 weeks) for a graduate students from Tsinghua University or the University of Waterloo. The amount of the award depends on the occurred travel expenses (airfare plus C$1000 per week of residence in the partner institute). It will be paid by reimbursement upon return to the home university. Visiting students from Tsinghua to Waterloo are governed by UW IVGS policy. The Award is a supplement to the other research support provided by the supervising faculty member. Applicants must satisfy the general eligibility requirements for the University of Waterloo and Tsinghua University Graduate Scholarships (i.e. you must register and maintain an active graduate student status at your home institute during the award period).

Application Procedures

To be considered for the Travel Award competition:

  1. Applicants must complete the Tsinghua-Waterloo JCMEET Travel Award Application Form.
  2. The award value will be determined by the review committee, based on your purpose of travel and reasonable estimation of the travel and accommodation costs
  3. Applicants must submit the completed form by the application deadline
  4. The application must be approved by your thesis supervisor
  5. Award is paid by reimbursement for transportation, accommodation, meal, and other eligible expenses  

The purpose of this Award is to facilitate direct exchange of research students between two participating universities. The visit is expected to provide valuable opportunities for initiating research collaborations of participating faculty members, through knowledge exchange and equipment sharing.

Administration of the Travel Award

The results of the Award competition will be announced within one month or less, following the application deadline. If the award is accepted and the visit is completed, payment will be made by a cheque in a single installment. Acceptance of this payment arrangement is a condition of your award.

For all awardees, you must maintain active studentship for at least two terms at the time of receiving the Award to avoid automatic termination of the award. In the situation of less than one term remaining in the program, you are not eligible to receive a Travel Award.

Application Process

The Award application form contains your personal information, purpose of the visit and a brief description of the collaborative research (less than 150 words). Ensure all portions of the application are complete upon submission. Both the home and host supervisors should sign on the form.

Link to application form: Award Application Form (pdf) 

Send the Award application form (submit completed form as LastName_FirstName.pdf) to stacey.koch@uwaterloo.ca with subject line: Tsinghua-Waterloo JCMEET Travel Award Application

Tsinghua-Waterloo JCMEET Travel Award Committee

  • John Wen, Chair of the Committee, Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical & Mechatronics Engineering, Canadian Associate Director, Outreach
  • Siva Sivoththaman, Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • William Anderson, Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering

General inquiry about Tsinghua-Waterloo JCMEET Travel Award application: stacey.koch@uwaterloo.ca

Award Application submission: stacey.koch@uwaterloo.ca