Current projects

The UbiLab is supporting Studio1Labs in the design and evaluation of a vital signs and sleep monitoring technology using their proprietary smart fabric technology. This project aims to validate and test the novel functional bedsheet through a clinical study to collect data for assessment, in comparison to various clinically validated sensors (Hexoskin and pulse oximeter). The second phase of the project focuses on the machine learning algorithms for vital signs and sleep apnea detection.

The gold standard for the evaluation of mobile health technology are Randomized Controlled Trials (RCTs). However, the prohibitive cost of these evaluations normally lead to innovations that reach the market without the necessary evaluations and validations.

Completed projects

The UbiLab is working with Dash MD on the design and evaluation of their mobile health technology leveraging data-driven design and persuasive design. Dash MD is a mobile platform that is recommended to patients by frontline care providers during their visit to the hospital emergency department. The platform is downloaded by the patients into their smartphones and provides aftercare plans and community information to patients.

Projects by status