Developing apnea detection algorithms for Studio 1 Labs SmartBedsheet

The UbiLab is supporting Studio1Labs in the design and evaluation of a vital signs and sleep monitoring technology using their proprietary smart fabric technology. This project aims to validate and test the novel functional bedsheet through a clinical study to collect data for assessment, in comparison to various clinically validated sensors (Hexoskin and pulse oximeter). The second phase of the project focuses on the machine learning algorithms for vital signs and sleep apnea detection. The technology being developed in this project will provide a reliable source of clinical data collected at the home setting with the potential to be used for early detection alarms, as well as a long-term monitoring system for Apnea.

Project members:
Plinio Morita, Principal Investigator
Yevgeniy R. Davletshin, PostDoctoral Fellow
Laura Xavier Fadrique, MSc Student
João Carlos Martins de Almeida, PhD Student
Tanjot Singh Panesar, Co-op Student

Last updated: April 17, 2018