Evan Vandermeer

Flint Hub Coordinator

Evan started his professional journey at an industrious gas station and diner located on Oneida of the Thames. Throughout his twenties, he honed his skills in the hospitality industry and continuously sought out opportunities for further education and unique career experiences. In 2016, he transitioned to the real estate industry where he worked as a buyers agent and OSA. In his spare time, Evan has also run various pop-up businesses, including catering and teaching others how to cook and grow mushrooms. Currently, he is a B. Sc. candidate at the University of Waterloo and in May 2022, he founded a mushroom biotechnology company with the goal of supporting a sustainable future. This start-up has received recognition and grants from the Waterloo innovation community. Evan is excited to share his experiences with aspiring entrepreneurs and encourage them to embrace the uncertainty that comes with pursuing their passions.