ePledge instructions

Check your @uwaterloo.ca email for an email from the United Way campaign on October 4. 

  1. Click on the ePledge link in the email you receive. If you didn't receive an email, you can still visit the online ePledge form for the University of Waterloo.
  2. Enter your individual work email (@uwaterloo.ca).
    1. If you have given a gift in previous years using your work email, this is the email address you should use. Fill in your name if you haven’t given before using your work email address.
  3. Enter the verification code.
  4. Click Create Account. You will receive a confirmation of identity if you have already used this email address.

Visit the ePledge site (note: Do not use your browser’s ‘back’ button (top left), instead use the 'back' button within the ePledge site)

  1. Click on the Confirm link in the confirmation email you receive. If you previously gave to the United Way using this email address, your most recent gift will be displayed on the web page. You can review your full giving history in the My History tab. If you have a $0, it means that the email address you provided is different than the one you used in the past so United Way will manually connect your account after you give for 2016.
  2. Confirm the information in your profile by clicking on My Profile.
  3. Click on the Pledge menu to make your gift for 2016.

Select 'type'

  1. Select how you’d like to make your gift. If your gift is more than $100, you may choose to designate it (see Designation section). 
    1. If you select Payroll Deduction, you will need to select how much per pay, how many pay periods, the number of deductions and if you would like to renew your gift each year. Click Next.
    2. If you select Pension, type in the total gift amount. Click Next.
    3. If you select Credit Card One-Time Gift, type in the amount you want to give. You can select to renew your gift each year on your credit card. Click Next.
    4. If you select Credit Card Monthly Gift, type in the total gift amount. Click Next.
    5. If you select Cheque, enter the total gift amount, the date you write on the cheque and the cheque number. Click Next.
    6. If you select Cash, enter the total gift amount. Click Next.
    7. If you select My household has already made a 2016 gift to United Way, please verify your work email and if you wish to receive future communication from United Way KW & Area.
  2. Click Confirm and skip to the Verification stage. If you wish to designate your gift, review the Designation stage (requires a $100 minimum and you will be charged a $12 administration fee for each designated donation).


  1. If you did not choose to designate your gift, skip to the Verification stage.
  2. If you selected to make a designation:
    1. Click Write in.
    2. Fill in the amount you wish to designate.
    3. Type in the Agency name.
    4. Type in the City where the agency is located.
    5. Type in the Canadian Registered Charitable Number.
    6. Click Add.
  3. Repeat if you wish to make more than one designation.


  1. Verify that your work email and main address are correct.
  2. Enter your WatIAM username (this is the 8-digit user name you use to log in to Quest, MyHRinfo, LEARN etc.)
  3. Enter the building code for the building you work out of (for example MC, NH, ECH).
  4. Select if you would like to receive your tax receipt via email (Not applicable for payroll or pension deduction).
  5. Select if you would like your gift to be recognized jointly with your partner’s gift.
  6. Click Next


  1. Review your pledge.
  2. Click the Confirm button.
  3. If you selected Payroll (not applicable to ongoing payroll deduction), Pension, Cash or Cheque pledge/donation, please:
    1. Print the confirmation/thank you email that you receive
    2. Sign the printed email
    3. Submit it (with your donation, if cash or cheque) to the UWaterloo United Way workplace campaign office: MC 2010 (200 University Ave. West, Waterloo, Ontario, N2L 3G1)
  4. The United Way Kitchener Waterloo & Area will issue tax receipts in early to mid February 2017. Payroll deduction contributions will be acknowledged on your T4.

  5. Click Log off.

Questions? Contact the United Way Office

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