2012 United Way Campaign meets its goal

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

United Way working group celebrates success.

On Monday, November 19 the university’s United Way campaign reached its 2012 goal of $230,000.

“We are thrilled to announce that our goal has been met,” said Alex Lippert, co-chair of the campaign. “We’d like to thank all of our donors, we couldn’t have accomplished this without your generosity,” she added.

“We’d also like to thank all of our volunteers for their efforts, your hard work has made a difference,” continued Richard Wells, co-chair of the campaign.

Jan Varner, CEO of United Way KW also sent along her thanks, "Your commitment to your community is appreciated in ways that you don’t even realize. Thank you for ensuring that change started right at University of Waterloo."

To learn more about the university’s United Way campaign and how you can contribute throughout the year, visit uWaterloo’s United Way website.

The working group (pictured above) dresses the part to show their appreciation. From left to right, they are: Alexandra Lippert – United Way Co-Chair (Senior Alumni and Development Officer, School of Accounting and Finance), Elle Crevits – 2012 United Way Co-op Student, Melissa McNown Smith – Volunteer Management (Manager, Living Learning, Housing), Emily Huxley – Stewardship (Alumni Officer, Students and Young Alumni), Kirsty Budd – Communications (Community Manager, Student Success Office) and Sharon Lamont – Office Manager (Director, Organizational Services, Library).

Also on the team but not pictured are: Alison Boyd – Incoming Office Manager (Associate Director, Alumni Affairs), Katrina DiGravio – Volunteer Training (Director, Organizational and Human Development), Daniela Seskar Hencic – Chair, Board of Governors for KW United Way (Associate Director, Institutional Analysis and Planning), Jacqueline Martinz – Communications (Communications Co-ordinator, Federation of Students), Andres Fuentes – Student Engagement (Research and Policy Officer, Federation of Students), Richard Wells – United Way Co-Chair (Faculty, Applied Health Sciences), Tim Jackson – Leadership Giving Chair (Vice-President, University Relations), Bonnie Oberle – Leadership Giving Team Member (Associate Director, Leadership Giving).

by the United Way communications team.

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