Jail-a-thon and Other Updates

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

"You still have time to contribute to the University of Waterloo’s United Way Campaign," writes the Federation of Students' Jacqueline Martinz, "but getting your pledge form in by the end of today will make sure your name is in our last draw of the campaign for lunch with President Feridun Hamdullahpur at the University Club."

Pledge forms, as well as information on other ways to donate, are on the United Way's website.

"The campaign’s goal for this year is $230,000 and we’re at 80 per cent ($182,751) so far," continues Martinz. "With your help, whether it’s through a one-time gift or monthly payroll deductions, we can reach our goal and provide much-needed support for the community programs supported by the United Way that transform the lives of children and adults in our community."

Mark Hasslet is Arrested!

One way you can do so is by bailing out a felon. Mark "Midnight Re-Caller" Haslett is going to be "arrested" as he attempts to make his escape from the Dana Porter library at 10:30 a.m. this morning and will be thrown in the hoosegow until supporters raise $250 for the United Way campaign.

Mark will be sporting the latest in black and white striped prison garb, complete with ball and chain, as he serves a term in the "Dana Porter Correctional Institute" on the main floor.

"Donations over $20 can be tax receipted," writes the Library's Laurie Strome. "Mark will have forms you can complete to ensure your request for a tax receipt is submitted to the United Way appropriately."

No word on whether or not a hardboiled library detective was responsible for bringing the fugitive to justice.

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