United Way Ambassadors

The UWaterloo United Way Campaign is made possible by a large number of volunteers. Our Ambassadors are listed below.

First name Last name Email Department/Unit
Alyssa Dobranski ahsreception@uwaterloo.ca Applied Health Sciences
Colin Jones cjones@uwaterloo.ca Centre for Extended Learning
Jennifer Moll jkmoll@uwaterloo.ca Chemical Engineering
Guy Guillemette guillemette.guy@gmail.com Chemistry
Karen Dubois karen.dubois@uwaterloo.ca Dean of Engineering Office
Shirley Lokker shirleyl@uwaterloo.ca Engineering
Elena Machado emachado@uwaterloo.ca Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Affairs
Katie Parsons katie.parsons@uwaterloo.ca Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Affairs
Suzanne Chung suzanne.chung@uwaterloo.ca Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Affairs
Daphne Pan d8pan@edu.uwaterloo.ca Human Resources
Jeremy Nicholas jeremy.nicholas@uwaterloo.ca Human Resources
Lynsey Redman lynsey.redman@uwaterloo.ca Human Resources
Raghda Sabry raghda.sabry@uwaterloo.ca Human Resources
Kevin Paxman kpaxman@uwaterloo.ca IST
Michelle Mank mank@uwaterloo.ca IST
Terri Rau trau@uwaterloo.ca Legal & Immigration Services
Cornelia Tiba ctiba@uwaterloo.ca Library
Courtney Bremer courtney.bremer@uwaterloo.ca Library
Laurie Strome lestrome@uwaterloo.ca Library
Sara Perkins sara.perkins@uwaterloo.ca Library
Sarah Martin s3martin@uwaterloo.ca Library
Stefaniada Voichita svoichit@uwaterloo.ca Library
Susan Martin s5martin@uwaterloo.ca Library
Lauren Hartman lauren.hartman@uwaterloo.ca Mathematics
Stacey Koch stacey.koch@uwaterloo.ca MME
Bethany McCollum bethany.mccollum@uwaterloo.ca Office of Advancement
Claire Mastrangelo cmastran@uwaterloo.ca Office of Advancement
Davene Palvetzian davene.palvetzian@uwaterloo.ca Office of Advancement
Emily Huxley Osborne echuxley@uwaterloo.ca Office of Advancement
Jamie Russel Reilly jamie.reilly@uwaterloo.ca Office of Advancement
Janet Hahn jrhahn@uwaterloo.ca Office of Advancement
Jennifer Bentley jennifer.bentley@uwaterloo.ca Office of Advancement
Lisa McAughey lmcaughe@uwaterloo.ca Office of Advancement
Reid McRob reid.mcrob@uwaterloo.ca Office of Advancement
Christina Yee ccyee@uwaterloo.ca Office of Research
Darlene Dakin darlene.dakin@uwaterloo.ca Office of Research
Jonathan Hyde j2hyde@uwaterloo.ca Plant Operations
Sheila McConnell sheila.mcconnell@uwaterloo.ca Political Science - Master of Public Service
Nena Gvozdenovic ngvozdenovic@uwaterloo.ca Political Science (MPS)
Bianca Bitsakakis bfbitsak@uwaterloo.ca School of Social Work, Renison University College
Brian Alan Mills bamills@uwaterloo.ca SPHHS
Dan Rodgers drodgers@uwaterloo.ca SPHHS
Brianna Johnston b4johnston@uwaterloo.ca St. Paul's University College
Landon Jennings lmjennings@uwaterloo.ca St. Paul's University College
Laura Wilson laura.wilson@uwaterloo.ca Statistics and Actuarial Science
Amanda Annarilli aannarilli@uwaterloo.ca Student Success Office
Hazel Kabibi hkabibi@uwaterloo.ca Student Success Office
Easton Page edpage@uwaterloo.ca WatPD

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