A Unique High School Enrichment Program

Waterloo Unlimited is a unique enrichment opportunity for high school students in Grade 10, Grade 11, and Grade 12. Offered during the school year, Unlimited brings together curious, motivated, well-rounded teens from across the country.

Waterloo Unlimited is not quite like anything you've ever done before. It's not science camp or arts camp or music camp or math camp or leadership camp.

It's 'everything' camp.

It's about challenging you to make connections across topics and developing higher-order skills: communication, analysis, synthesis, initiative, curiosity, responsibility, leadership, teamwork and creativity.

It's about open-ended learning rather than memorizing an inventory of "right answers." It's about going home with the skills you need to become self-enriching and even sharing those skills with others.

It's about you, and your love of learning.

  1. Mar. 23, 2017An Unlimited Farewell...collage of unlimited lectures and activities

    As of August 31, 2017, Waterloo Unlimited will shut down. We made every effort to ensure a future for this widely respected and valued program in the face of changing university priorities and fiscal constraints, but it was not to be.

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