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Department of Knowledge Integration

The Department of Knowledge Integration (KI) is home to two unique programs: the Bachelor of Knowledge Integration degree program; and Waterloo Unlimited, a one-of-a-kind high school enrichment program.

Undergraduate degree

The Bachelor of Knowledge Integration is a flexible and challenging transdisciplinary program for creative and diversely talented students.

The Knowledge Integration program offers students the opportunity to explore interests on both sides of the traditional arts and science divide, building their program around a core of skills that will equip them to understand and solve complex problems, communicate effectively, and be able to make a difference in and adapt to a changing and complex world.

Visit the Department of Knowledge Integration website.

High school enrichment

Launched in November 2004, Waterloo Unlimited is built upon the cornerstones of transdisciplinarity, intrinsic motivation, community, and self-enrichment. These values provide a framework for an enrichment experience like no other, bringing together students of exceptional promise from across the country throughout the school year.

The Department of Knowledge Integration is also host to the SHAD program at the University of Waterloo. SHAD is a summer enrichment experience for high school students from across Canada. Many of our faculty and staff are involved, along with some KI students!

The Story of Waterloo Unlimited

Waterloo Unlimited Director Ed Jernigan gave a public talk in May 2016 in celebration of Unlimited's 10th anniversary entitled, “Changing the Change Makers: The Story of Waterloo Unlimited”. He explains the creation of Waterloo Unlimited and the importance of the four cornerstones in the program.