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Teens In Motion

Teens In Motion (TIM) is an exercise programs for clinically overweight teenagers (12-17 years of age). The aim of the program is to encourage participants to be more active, give them the confidence and skills to try new activities in their school or community, and educate them on the importance of healthy eating. TIM advocates for long term lifestyle change as opposed to short term weight loss.

Introducing participants to movement patterns, games and sport skills in a fun, "no-pressure" environment improves movement coordination and boosts self-confidence. Our belief is that improving coordination, strength, cardiovascular fitness, sport skills and confidence will increase the chances of the participants wanting to try new activities in their school or community.

Nutrition "workshops" are offered to both participants and parents of TIM by a registered dietician. These informal sessions include various nutrition related topics, recipe suggestions and an opportunity to ask a Registered Dietician specific nutrition questions. For both physical activity and nutrition, the critical goal is to show both the participants and their parents that the right choice is an easy choice.

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