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Who is a candidate for the UW LIVING-FIT program?

If you are currently undergoing adjuvant hormone therapy for breast cancer and live in Kitchener-Waterloo or surrounding areas, you are a candidate for UW LIVING-FIT.

Referral to participate

Prior to participating in the UW  LIVING-FIT program participants require a completed UW LIVING-FIT Referral Script.

These scripts/referral forms are available at Grand River Regional Cancer Centre (GRRCC), and can be obtained by speaking with Oncology Nurse Practitioner Jennifer Lounsbury at 519-749-4370 extension 5179.

Once this Referral Script is complete please contact UW Fitness to register for the next available session.

What happens next?

Participants attend one-on-one meetings for six consecutive weeks. Each week we provide information and discussion about incorporating exercise into their lifestyle routine. Topics covered include:

  • How exercise can help manage treatment related side effects
  • Canada’s physical activity guidelines
  • Goal setting, overcoming barriers, rewarding oneself,
  • How to implement a walking program,
  • What components to include in an exercise program

All participants receive a workbook entitled "An exercise guide for breast cancer survivors" and a pedometer to help motivate and record progress.

After the six week program, participants can attend monthly “check-ins” to discuss any questions or barriers they encounter.

Where to find us

The UW LIVING-FIT program is located at the University of Waterloo in the Lyle S. Hallman Institute for Health Promotion (LHI) room 1606.

For map and detailed directions, see visit UW Fitness.

Woman assisting another woman with free weight.
See how our UW LIVING-FIT program is stepping up support for breast cancer survivors.